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How to turn on Automatic Updates in Windows XP?

Turning on Automatic Updates in Windows operating system is important because it provides high-priority updates such as security and other critical updates that can help protect your computer. To turn on Automatic Updates, you must be logged on as a computer administrator. 1. Click Start and then click Control Panel. (If you are in Category View,  Full Article…


What is System Recovery in Windows?

System Recovery as known in Windows computer is a process of steps of restoring the original status of a computer or factory default status from the status where a computer system has software-related error, loss of data and program due to virus, malware, spyware infections and the incapability of accessing operating system due to hard  Full Article…


What is System Disc in Windows?

System Disc (also called System Repair Disc) is a recovery disc that allows computer to boot into a dedicated program which contains Windows System recovery tools that can help you recover Windows from system error, or restore computer from system image that you may already have created. It is a wise thing to keep system disc  Full Article…


How to do system recovery on Acer, Gateway and eMachines computers?

Description Knowing system recovery of Windows computer is important because at one point of time as computer gets older, system starts to encounter with unpredictable software related problems including malicious viruses and malware attacks; especially when computer is used for browsing internet for emails, social network sites, downloading application softwares and checking online accounts and so on. There  Full Article…


How to solve “Validating identity” errors on Windows XP and Vista?

Problem The following certification errors appear as a result of failing to connect to network. Your wireless network connection or SSID status shows “Validating identity” instead of “Connected” even after you entered correct passphrase for your network. A pop-up message on the right bottom of the screen shows “Windows was unable to find a certificate  Full Article…